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Portrait of Julie Newbry

Julie Newbry


"I'm passionate about helping my clients see their body as their ally. I believe that food and exercise should be a source of joy in a personal life and not a source of frustration. i take a non-diet approach to health and fitness, focussing on intuitive eating."

Portrait of Chandler Fietkau

Chandler Fietkau

CPT, Strength and Conditioning Coach

"My passion of coaching for over five years at PGHS helped me create additional desire to help individuals accomplish their goals within fitness and lifestyle. Whether you're an athlete, someone recovering from an injury, someone wanting to gain or lose weight, or simply wanting to be introduced to working out, I look forward to helping you anyway I can."

Portrait of Samantha Fenton

Samantha Fenton


"I've been a trainer at Pleasant Grove Recreation for over a year, but i've loved fitness my entire life. My goal is to help you make fitness and health work into YOUR life, while teaching you how to sculpt your dream body and mind through resistance training. Contact me for a FREE consultation"