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For information on PG City Eagle Scout Projects please contact Deon Giles at

Scout Merit Badge Classes

Please bring a signed Blue Card to each class you participate in.

chess badge


Take the Chess Club class to develop your skills. At the end we will hold a class that will finish off all the required elements of the merit badge. Chess Club starts June 13 - August 1 at 10am - 11:30am.  Another session starts this September.

citizenship in the community badge

Citizenship in the Community

This is a class that helps scouts learn more about their community. It is a required merit badge. Homework will include attending a city council meeting, doing 8 hours of service with in the community, and preparing a simple presentation about their community. June 11 & 25 or July 18 & 25.  1pm-2pm.  Cost is $10.00.

citizenship in the nation badge

Citizenship in the Nation

This class will help scouts learn more about the United States. It is a required badge for Eagle. Homework for this class will include visiting a national historic place or landmark, the State Capitol, and/or research a national monument. June 11 & 24 or July 18 & 25.  2pm - 3pm.  Cost is $10.00.

citizenship in the world badge

Citizenship in the World

This Class will help scouts to learn about types of governments throughout the world. This is also a way for boys to learn about being a good world citizen and how being wiling to understand and appreciate the values, traditions, and concerns of people in other countries makes us better citizens. June 6 & 20 or July 9 & 23.  1pm - 2pm.  Cost is $10.00.

emergency preparedness badge

Emergency Preparedness

** First Aid Merit Badge is a Prerequisite and must be earned before taking this class. Scouts will learn how to be prepared in case of emergencies and how they can respond and help in an emergency. Homework will be the scout taking part in an emergency service project or drill with a community agency or his troop & creating a family emergency plan & inspection of home for hazards. June 6 & 20 or July 9 & 23.  2pm - 3pm.  Cost is $10.00.

first aid badge

First Aid

This is a required merit badge for Eagle. Scouts will learn the basics of first aid and CPR. Each scout will need to bring a personal first aid kit and their family first aid kit to the first class. Having the first aid pamphlet would be a good resource for this class, but is not necessary.  June 17 & 24 or July 22 & 29.  1pm - 3pm.  Cost is $25.00.

animation badge


Computer or traditional animation tasks that will test a Scout’s creativity, artistic skills, and storytelling abilities. Scouts will discuss different pieces of animation and how it helps make animation appear more believable. They will work on projects and learn about different career opportunities that are available. June 10 & 17 or July 8 & 15 or July 29 & August 5.  9am - 10:15am.  cost is $10.00.

geology badge


Geology is the study of Earth. It includes the study of materials that make up Earth, the processes that change it, and the history of how things happened, including human civilization, which depends on natural materials for existence. Homework will need to be completed before class begins. June 10 & 17 or July 8 & 15 or July 29 & August 5.  2:30pm - 3:45pm.  cost is $10.00.

athletics badge


Go online and print off the work book for this badge. Most requirements can be done on your own. Once completed, call the PG Rec to set up a time to meet with a counselor to get this signed off.

photography badge


Boys need to have their Cyber Chip. We will learn about how to use a camera and about different types of Photographs. Please bring your own camera to class. The boys will also need to make prints of their photos to bring to the second class. Once you have 5 boys, call to set up a time that will work for your group.  Cost is $10.00 per person.

cooking badge


This is a class designed to help boys understand and learn about the food groups, related illnesses, food preparation and cost. Boys will have hands on experience with making meals. This class includes 8 hours of instruction and hands on food preparation. Classes will be held at Anderson Park  for outdoor cooking and PG Rec Center.  June 12, 13 & 19 1pm-3pm or August 13, 14 & 15 10am - Noon.  Cost is $40.00 and includes the cost of food.

sports badge


Scouts are required to participate in 2 different sports (offered through Pleasant Grove Recreation). The scout needs to keep a training record while participating in the sports. You can go on line and print off the workbook at Once the requirements are complete, contact PG Rec to arrange a time to meet with a counselor.

family life badge

Family Life

This is a required merit badge for Eagle. This merit badge required keeping track of chores for 90 days.  Boys will also be responsible to plan a project that will benefit their family.  Scouts also need to do a project that inviolved their family and hold family meetings to discuss given topics.  This class will meet 2 times and the second calss will only be one hour.  We will send out periodic text messages and emails as reminders.  June 18 & Sept 17.  4pm - 5:30pm.  Cost is $15.00.

personal management badge

Personal Management

This is a required merit badge for Eagle. This merit badge requires keeping track of chores for 90 days. Boys will aslo be responsible to plan a porject that will benefit their family. Souts als need to dao a project that involves their family and hold family meetings to discuss given topics. Costs $15.

Robotics badge


Earning the Robotics merit badge requires a scout to understand how robots move (actuators); he should demonstrate robot design in building a robot. Councilor will help ensure that the scout has sufficiently expored the field of robotics to understand what it is about, and to discover whether this may be a field of interest for him as a career. Must have 5 boys to hold class with 12 as the Max. June 14 or July 19.  9am - 3pm.  Cost is $56.00 and includes $20 equipment rental fee.

communications badge


Communications focuses on how people use messages to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media. The field of communication promotes the effective and ethical practice of human communication. Homework will include and is not limited to: Logging communication. Interview someone you know then write an introduction of the person. Pick one of requirement 7 to complete. June 10 & 17 or July 8 & 15 or July 29 & August 5.  9am - 10:15am.  Cost is $10.00.

sustainability badge


Scouts will learn about sustainability and what it means. The prupose is to teach scouts to live sustainably. Scouts will meet with their family members to discuss what they can do to live more sustainably. They will undertake projects to understand the big picture regarding topics such as water, food, energy and transportation as well as waste reduction, species decline, world population, and climate change. There will be several options for homework that will need to be completed in between classes. June 10 & 17 or July 8 & 15 or July 29 & August 5.  10:30am - noon.  Cost is $15.00.