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Taste of the Arts

The next Taste of the Arts activity is Truffle Tasting on February 8 and 9, from 7-8:30pm, downtown at the The Truffle Cottage (45 S Main St, Pleasant Grove). There is a 20-person limit per tasting.

Feb 8 and 9

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miss pg

Miss Pleasant Grove Scholarship Competition

It's time for the Miss Pleasant Grove Scholarship Competition. Young Women ages 17-26. Must be a resident of Pleasant Grove or Lindon. If 17, must be a senior in High School. Application Deadline Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Find the Application Here
Secondary Water Metering
meter graphic

Pleasant Grove City applied to the Utah Board of Water Resources and has received a $10 million grant and a $4.25 million loan for the installation of new secondary water meters throughout the City. This project will help the City and our residents accurately measure their irrigation water, comply with recent Utah law requiring that each city with a secondary water system install meters, and ultimately reduce overall water usage. Fortunately, approximately 70 percent of the project will be funded by grant money received from the State of Utah and the loan will cover the remaining 30 percent of the project costs. 

The security for the loan will be provided through the sale of “non-voted” revenue bonds to the Board of Water Resources. The bonds will be issued in the approximate amount of $4,250,000 and will be repaid in 15 payments at a 1.00% interest rate. Payments shall be made from the net revenues of the secondary water system. It is anticipated that the secondary water rates will increase by approximately $3.85 per month due to the issuance of these bonds.

It is the policy of the Utah Board of Water Resources to provide a 15-day period for public comment prior to the purchase of any non-voted revenue bonds. The City would also like to receive public comment on the bonds or the project and solicits comments of the secondary water users (either favorable or negative) in writing before February 21, 2023. 

For additional information and to comment, please read the official letter here

Restoring the 'G'
Pleasant Grove High School and Pleasant Grove City are teaming up to restore the letter G on our mountain. It will take many hands to help make this happen. 
The community is coming together to Restore the ‘G.’ It’s time to solidify the ‘G’ for generations to come by making necessary upgrades to ensure its longevity.
Please watch the documentary on this treasured landmark here:
Thank you for your participation and help for this great cause.
UTOPIA Is Coming Soon
Many of you have seen the crews working on the installation of UTOPIA fiber throughout the city. You may also have had a flyer placed on your door informing you of upcoming construction near you.The construction will be happening on the city easements which might possibly border your property. If you have sprinklers in this easement they will restore them to their original state. In the spring, if you find there are issues with your sprinklers, they will come out and repair them.As a reminder, the crew is contracted by UTOPIA; the city is not overseeing the installations. If you have any concerns, please reach out to UTOPIA with questions by calling the number on the flyer (also listed below).Please be respectful to the contractors and thank you for your patience as we welcome this innovative technology to the City.

Contact Information:


Pleasant Grove City in a Puzzle

We are offering a commemorative Strawberry Days 500-piece Puzzle by Eric Dowdle to celebrate 100 years of Strawberry Days. Featuring landmarks and events known to this beloved city celebration, you can purchase these for your family and for gifts.
Puzzles are available at City Hall and are $20. These are pick-up only and cannot be delivered. Supplies are limited and are only available until supplies last.
February 7 and 21 at 6 p.m.
Work session starting at 4:30 p.m. 

Waste & Recycling

Find out information about Garbage and Recycling pickup schedules.

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City Council Live Stream

Stream PG City Public meetings though our Public Meetings Live Stream service.

City Council Live Stream

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