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Viking Day

Join us for the third annual Viking Day at the Downtown Park. There will be a strongman competition, axe throwing, local crafters, shopping, food trucks, live music and entertainment.

October 7 from Noon until 5 PM

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Construction Work

Are you wondering what projects, including roads are in the works? Head over to our page for up-to-date information.

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Proposition Information Pamphlet 

Please see these links for the Proposition Information Pamphlet (PIP) regarding the proposed Referendum Petition to refer Resolution 2023-039 adopting the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023/2024 budget and proposed property tax increase of $4.72 per month to the voters. The increase will pay for a portion of the debt service on the Cook Family Park, increased police wages, a new full-time firefighter and a full-time library program manager. The Proposition will be on the November 21, 2023 General Election Ballot if the sponsors obtain the necessary number of signatures to qualify the Referendum to be placed on the ballot.

Please review the pamphlet so you will be fully informed about the referendum.

Thank you.

Kathy Kresser, Election Officer/City Recorder


Coming to Pleasant Grove: The Cook Family Park 

The park will be named the Cook Family Park and will soon be under construction at the location of the former pipe plant.
This park was made possible by a generous $5M donation from the Greg and Julie Cook Family. This donation provided critical seed money to fund the project. The City is grateful for their generosity.
This 25-acre park will have a number of amenities including the following:
· Splash Pad
· Several Soccer / Multi-use Fields
· Playground
· All Wheels / Skate Park
· Bike Pump Track
· Futsal Fields
· Basketball Court
· 9-Square Court
Big-D Construction was awarded this project and will begin construction immediately with an anticipated of late summer 2024 contingent on weather and supply chain issues.
The overall cost for the park is anticipated to be $15 million. The remaining $7 million will be funded by a bond through the city.


Secondary Watering Reminder

In order for the system to operate more efficiently, everyone is asked to help balance the system by following a watering schedule.
Odd number homes water Mon, Wed, Fri.
Even number homes water on Tues, Thurs, Sun.
No residential watering on Saturday.
Watering between 10 AM and 6 PM is prohibited. 


Road Construction for 2600 North
Work will soon start on reconstructing 2600 North. For more information and the latest updates on this project, please visit this site. 
Election Notice




The Pleasant Grove City Municipal Primary Election will be held in Utah County on September 5, 2023. Information relating to the election, including polling places, polling place hours, ballot drop box locations, and qualification of voters may be obtained from the following sources:;; 100 E Center Street, Suite 3100, Provo, Utah 84646; or by contacting the Elections Office at 801.851.8128. The election will be primarily conducted by mail. In-person voting will be available and locations can be found at Drop boxes will be available for depositing mail-in ballots until 8:00 PM on Election Day, and registration by provisional ballot will be available at any polling place.  An individual with a disability who is not able to vote a manual ballot by mail may obtain information on voting in an accessible manner from the County’s website, by contacting the County Clerk, or by reviewing the information included with a ballot mailed to the voter.

In person Early Voting will begin August 22, 2023 for the Municipal Primary Election. Information regarding the dates, times, and location of early voting be may obtained from the following sources:; 100 E Center Street, Suite 3100, Provo, Utah 84606;; or by contacting the Utah County Elections Office at 801.851.8128.

Dated the 13th  day of July, 2023.Kathy T Kresser, MMCCity Recorder


Read about the local candidates running here


Transportation Utility Fee

Pleasant Grove City recently won a Utah State Supreme Court ruling upholding the city’s right to assess a Transportation Utility Fee. The City charged this fee on its utility bill for a couple years until it was challenged in court. After winning the challenge, the intent of the City is to re-implement the fee. For the specific rate changes click here

Secondary Water Metering
meter graphic

Pleasant Grove City applied to the Utah Board of Water Resources and has received a $10 million grant and a $4.25 million loan for the installation of new secondary water meters throughout the City. This project will help the City and our residents accurately measure their irrigation water, comply with recent Utah law requiring that each city with a secondary water system install meters, and ultimately reduce overall water usage. Fortunately, approximately 70 percent of the project will be funded by grant money received from the State of Utah and the loan will cover the remaining 30 percent of the project costs. 

The security for the loan will be provided through the sale of “non-voted” revenue bonds to the Board of Water Resources. The bonds will be issued in the approximate amount of $4,250,000 and will be repaid in 15 payments at a 1.00% interest rate. Payments shall be made from the net revenues of the secondary water system. It is anticipated that the secondary water rates will increase by approximately $3.85 per month due to the issuance of these bonds.

It is the policy of the Utah Board of Water Resources to provide a 15-day period for public comment prior to the purchase of any non-voted revenue bonds. The City would also like to receive public comment on the bonds or the project and solicits comments of the secondary water users (either favorable or negative) in writing before February 21, 2023. 

For additional information and to comment, please read the official letter here

Restoring the 'G'
Pleasant Grove High School and Pleasant Grove City are teaming up to restore the letter G on our mountain. It will take many hands to help make this happen. 
The community is coming together to Restore the ‘G.’ It’s time to solidify the ‘G’ for generations to come by making necessary upgrades to ensure its longevity.
Please watch the documentary on this treasured landmark here:
Thank you for your participation and help for this great cause.


No meeting will be held September 5, 2023 because of the Primary Election. The next meeting will be September 19, 2023.

Waste & Recycling

Find out information about Garbage and Recycling pickup schedules.

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City Council Live Stream

Stream PG City Public meetings though our Public Meetings Live Stream service.

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