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Teens in (or going into) jr. high and high school can participate in this free program and earn prizes by reading.

Beginning June 1, record every half hour of reading on the teen reading log for a total of 20 hours.

Once you have completed the reading log, email us at and let us know you have finished. Include your name, phone number and library card number to be entered into a grand prize drawing for a variety of gift cards.

Keep reading. An additional 20 hours enters you into the drawing a second time. Limit is 2 entries per person. The last day to email us to enter is July 31. Winners will be notified on August 7.

Teen Reading Log

Harry Potter Trivia Quiz

Hey Teens! Harry Potter will be celebrating his 40th birthday on July 31. (He shares his birthday with his creator JK Rowling.)
We are celebrating with a trivia quiz! Teens who participate will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card to Jersey Mikes! The deadline is Harry's birthday. The winner will be announced on August 3. Must be going into jr. high or high school to enter.  

Harry Potter Quiz