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Join us this summer for our READing adventure where we focus on Research, Exploration, Activities and Discovery.  “Take home packets” full of fun are available at the library and online. Program ends July 31!

Each week brings a new theme. At the end of each week, send in a picture or a message to highlighting your favorite activity and be entered into a weekly drawing. It's going to be a great summer!

All the weekly book lists can be found here.

Week One    June 1-6


We READ You Loud and Clear!  A Reason to Cheer!

The Guinness World Records book is full of the amazing and unique--the fastest, longest, highest, and strangest feats the human mind can imagine.

This packet has things you can try. It also includes books to read and movies to watch about extraordinary people and about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. You may not set a world record, but you will definitely set a personal best record with all the things you try.

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Week Two   June 8-13

READ the Clouds! Adventures with Weather!

Clouds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from wispy streaks to cotton-candy poofs to rolling, dark thunderheads. We know what clouds look like on the outside.

This week, let's see what's on the inside of these ever-changing sky riders and what happens when what's inside falls out.

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Week Three   June 15-20

 READ Another Language!

Words. We use them to share ideas (What would happen if…), history (When I was 5, I…), stories (I heard something under my bed and my dad…), and hopes (I think we should have pizza for dinner!). Words are pretty important because the things we want to share are pretty important.  

This week is a great time to try learning some new words in another language. There are so many really fun ways to learn. The library has books, CDs, and Mango to help you out. Learn as a family. If you want a real challenge, create a new language.  Have fun! 

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Week Four    June 22-27 


READ My Lips!

There are so many fun ways to share a story. You can use puppets to tell it or write it down as a book. Add illustrations to help people see your world or add lots of pictures and turn it into a graphic novel. Make it big and turn it into a trilogy or smash it tight into a joke. This week, find a story, make it yours and then share it to make it a gift for everyone. 

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Week Five   June 29 - July 4

 READ the Fine Print

John Adams, speaking about Independence Day, said, “It ought to be commemorated… with pomp and parade, with shews, games, sports…bells, bonfires and illuminations from one end of the continent to the other from this time forward forever more.”  President Adams, we think you are correct. We should! Let the party begin! 

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Week Six   July 6 - July 11

 READ in the Dark

Whether you are in a blanket tent in the living room, a pup tent in the backyard, or in a RV at a KOA, camping is fun. This week, spend some time under the stars, smelling smoky, covered in dirt, and sticky with marshmallows. Slap on some bug repellent and head for the hills. It’s going to be a great summer.

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Week Seven  July 13 - July 18

 READ My Mind

The mind is a big thing to understand! With millions of connections to make and jobs to do, your brain is a very busy place. This week, let’s look at your mind and see what you can do to keep your brain growing, healthy, and safe. 

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Week Eight  July 20 - July 18

 READ the Stars

Do you ever look at the sky and wonder what is out there? What do you see? The sky, sun, moon, stars and planets. Away from city lights, on a clear night, you might see the beautiful band of the Milky Way, stretching across the sky. Is anything else up there in space? Let’s take a closer look.    

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Week Nine  July 27 - August 1

 READ the Earth

Earth is a unique and glorious place to call home. This week we look at some of the unusual features of our home and why some of those features keep changing. We will also explore sites in Utah that show how much our earth has changed over the centuries. Pull out your magnifying glass and your exploring hat. It’s time to READ the earth!

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