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How to Get a Library Card

Library cards are free to current Pleasant Grove City residents. To obtain a library card, you need to bring with you to the library a picture ID and proof of a Pleasant Grove address. Proof of address could include a letter sent to you through the mail, a bill, etc. Those under age 18 must be at least six years of age and must bring a legal guardian with them. 

Non-Resident Cards

Because Utah County does not have a county-wide library system each city provides its own library access for its residents. Pleasant Grove City supports the library through property taxes, which each Pleasant Grove City household pays. Therefore, non-residents must pay a fee equivalent to the taxes assessed to PG residents. Currently, Pleasant Grove Library's out-of-city fee is $80.00 for a year, $45 for half a year, or $25 for three months. Some cities that do not have a library offer a partial refund to their residents. Please contact your city hall for more information regarding a refund.

Partner Libraries

The cities of Pleasant Grove, Lehi, American Fork, Highland and Eagle Mountain have agreed to participate in a reciprocal borrowing agreement that allows you to use your card at their libraries. This is not a county library system. Library borrowers are encouraged to search for needed materials at their home library before searching the other libraries' online catalogs. Each library will continue to function as it currently does in terms of policies, budget, administration, non-resident fees, etc. To check out items, please fill out an application using your home library card information.

Pre-register For a Library Card

Pleasant Grove Library Card Holder Terms and Conditions

I hereby agree to obey all rules and regulations of the Pleasant Grove Library and will:

  • return library materials when they are due.
  • pay replacement costs for any materials I fail to return.
  • pay for damages, losses and collection costs (including attorney fees) charged against me.
  • report any changes in my address, telephone number, or email address immediately.
  • pay any charges on this card if lost or stolen until it is reported.
  • pay a $2.00 replacement charge for a lost or stolen card.
  • keep track of my due dates. I understand that any reminder notices sent out by the library are a courtesy only and failure to receive them does not excuse me from any charge.
  • adhere to the library behavior policy, computer use policy, and all other library policies.