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If I ‘check out’ the seeds, do I need to return them?

Nope! You get to keep them for your garden.

How do I donate seeds?

If you want to donate seeds from your garden, please follow good seed-saving practices (see the Seed Saving Instructions). You can also donate commercial seeds, but please don’t donate seeds that have been treated with pesticides. Non-GMO is preferred. Either way, you’ll use the donation form available below.

Can I request seeds?

As we’re just starting the library in 2023, we currently don’t have a seed request process. Keep an eye out in future years for a way to request or recommend certain seeds.

How many seeds can I take?

Right now we ask that you take no more than 5 seed packets per household. That may change in future seasons as we get more seeds in stock.

Why are you doing this?

Lots of reasons! We want to spread the love of gardening, increase local food security, and we at the Pleasant Grove City Public Library are always looking for ways to provide exceptional service to our community.

Where can I find out more about seed saving?

Most of our handouts are printed by permission from and You can also find more gardening information at (The Utah State University gardening extension website).

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