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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of volunteers who are residents of the city and who are appointed by the mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council. Planning Commission members serve for a term of four (4) years, and usually meet twice monthly.

Responsibilities include the following in accordance with Utah Code Annotated section 10-9-204:

  1. Prepare and recommend a general plan and amendments to the general plan to the City Council;
  2. Recommend zoning ordinances and maps, and amendments to zoning ordinances and maps, to the City Council;
  3. Administer provisions of the zoning ordinance, where specifically provided for in the zoning ordinance adopted by the City Council;
  4. Recommend subdivision regulations and amendments to those regulations to the City Council;
  5. Recommend approval or denial of subdivision applications as provided in the zoning ordinance of the city and in this section;
  6. Advise the City Council on matters as the City Council directs;
  7. Hear or decide any matters that the City Council designates, including the approval or denial of, or recommendations to approve or deny, conditional use permits;
  8. Exercise any other powers that are necessary to enable it to perform its function or that are delegated to it by the City Council.
  9. Approve or deny or condition all preliminary plans and project plans for residential, commercial or industrial developments.
  10. Recommend approval or denial or conditions to the City Council for all preliminary plans and project plans within the grove area.
  11. Make recommendation to the city council on any decision required by the zoning ordinances of the city, the making of which is not expressly conferred upon another person or board.

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