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Trails & Trailheads Miles Description
Battle Creek Trail
1700 East 200 South
.5 miles to Battle Creek Falls
1.3 miles to Curley Springs Junction
2.2 miles to Great Western Trail
Easy hike for all skill levels to the scenic Battle Creek Waterfall
"G" Trail
1700 East 200 South
.95 Miles The climb is steep at the beginning and the prior to the ā€œGā€. Spectacular view of the Valley
Grove Creek Trail
1600 East 500 North
.8 miles to switchbacks
3.3 miles to Timpooneke Road
Great Views and a spring near the end of the hike
Murdock Trail
906 East 1100 North
17 miles Asphalt and gravel shoulder. Connects to many trails and has multiple trailheads from Orem to Lehi.
North County Boulevard Trail 1.01 miles Portions to be built with development.
Pleasant Grove Boulevard Trail 1.62 miles
Valley Vista Trail
906 East 1100 North
1600 East 500 North
6.5 miles Multi-use trail system. Multiple loops for all ages and skill levels. Spectacular views of the Valley.