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Interested in a Business License?

Learn more about how to obtain your business licensing and frequently asked questions.

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What is a Business License and Do I Need One?

A business license is the means whereby Pleasant Grove City grants you permission to engage in the business your license is issued for. The definition of business includes all activities, trades, professions or callings engaged in within the corporate limits of Pleasant Grove and carried on for the business of gain or economic benefit.

If you engage in any business – either permanently or temporarily – within the corporate limits of Pleasant Grove, you are required to maintain a valid, unexpired business license.

Section 3-1-1 states: Engaging in business includes, but is not limited to, the sale of real or personal property at retail or wholesale; the bartering or trading of property or services; the manufacturing of goods or property; and the rendering of personal services for others for a consideration by persons engaged in any profession, trade, craft, business, occupation or other calling, except the rendering of personal services by an employee to his/her employer under any contract of personal employment.

Why Does the City License Businesses?

  • The location is properly zoned for the activity to be conducted
  • The building the business will be operating in meets fire safety code standards
  • All federal, state, county and local codes are adhered to, insuring the safety and well-being of our citizens
  • Businesses are properly regulated

The revenue from license fee collections goes into the City's general fund to pay for the cost of licensing and regulation and to insure continuation and improvement of City facilities and services.

The Following Steps Must Be Taken to Obtain a License

  1. To engage in business you must comply with all Pleasant Grove City regulations related to zoning, building, fire, health, safety, etc. If applicable, all State licensing must be met. Application will not be accepted without first talking to the Business Licensing Official. This ensures that you have all appropriate requirements, forms and fees for approval. Incomplete applications will not be accepted until necessary requirements are met. Applications must be completed within thirty (30) days. Any application not completed within this time frame, will require repayment of fees and re-application of license.
  2. Utah State registration of business name or corporation - see below.
  3. Utah State sales tax number if applicable - see below.
  4. Utah State license number/DOPL if applicable - see below.
  5. Business license application completed with signature of the owner or authorized officer.
  6. All other applicable statements, letters, and signatures; renter/occupant letter, property owner approval, etc
  7. Payment of appropriate fees. (Fee schedule listed below for Home Occupation and Commercial Licensing.)
  8. Application approval by Pleasant Grove City Zoning and Building Department, and all other required approvals: Fire Inspection – see below.

State & County Requirements:


Home Occupation Licensing Fee


Minor Home Occupation Fee


One time fee.

Major Home Occupation Fee


One time fee, also requires scheduled meeting with Planning Commission.

Commercial License Fee


Other additional licensing requirements and fees may apply / Zoning Verification is recommended from Community Development before application is submitted 801-785-6057/City Planner.

Home Occupation Permit (Conditional Use Permit Fee - determined by business nature).

[The Home Occupation Business License Application and Conditional Use Permit are two separate forms. Both forms are required and need to be completed as part of the application process.]

Business License Renewal Fee Exemption

Two options of fee exemptions may be applicable for your Home Occupations:

City Fee Exemption: Municipal Code, Title 3: This code will allow for an exemption to be made in the Business License Fee Schedule. Under this code, business owners whose business earns less than $2,000.00 a year in total gross receipts (before deductions), will be able to obtain an exemption and will not be required to pay the renewal fee. Business owners will be required to show proof of the previous year's earnings. If it is a new business, however, the owner will have to license and pay the fee the first year. The business must be in operation for an entire year before the renewal exemption can take place. The next year, business owners' will need to show proof that they meet the criteria for a fee exemption. Qualifications will be on an annual basis. The burden of qualifying will be on the applicant. Notification for fee waiver can be made on the yearly renewal application that is issued before the December 31st expiration or by contacting the business license department.

State Fee Exemption: During the 2017 legislative session, the Utah Legislature amended a part of the Utah Code §101-203 that addresses local government business license requirements. Under this new law, your home occupation business license may be eligible for an exemption to the business license fee. If your business does not create an additional offsite impact that exceeds the impact of residential use alone, the city cannot charge you a business license fee.

A home occupation business creates an additional offsite impact if it:[1]

  • Employs people (other than family members living in the home);
  • Allows clients/customers/students on site regularly;
  • Receives regular deliveries;
  • Conducts client meetings;
  • Displays signage;
  • Utilizes on or off street parking;
  • Stores inventory or materials; OR
  • Gives rise to any other activity or condition that may have a greater impact on the surrounding area than the impact created solely by normal residential use.

If you feel your business does NOT create an additional offsite impact based on the criteria listed above, please complete the ‘request for exemption form’ and return to the business licensing office. If your request is approved, the business license fees will be waived.  All other licensing requirements must still meet compliance with current code and a business license will be issued.)

( 1 An additional offsite impact occurs if the listed activities or conditions occur at the home occupied business location)

Business License Application Forms

Please select the correct type of business license you wish to apply for and PRINT ALL REQUIRED FORMS.

For Home Occupation Business Licenses

Business License ApplicationBusiness License Application RequirementsHome Occupation Permit and Home Occupation Fee Exemption Fire Self Inspection Form

For Commercial Business Licenses

Business License ApplicationBusiness License Application RequirementsFire Self Inspection Form

For Solicitor Licenses

Solicitors Application FormSolicitor Application Requirements

More Information

License Types (Codes)

  • COMM: Commercial
  • HOME OCCP: Home Occupation
  • MHO: Major Home Occupation
  • COA: Commercial with Amusement Device like pinball machines, etc.
  • COB: Commercial with a Bond like beer bond, auto – surety or cash bonds
  • COAB: Commercial with Amusement Device and Bond

It is the responsibility of each applicant to complete and submit the Pleasant Grove Fire Department Self Inspection Report with their business license application. Photos must also be taken and submitted along with this report. The Fire Marshal, after review of your self inspection form, may deem it necessary to conduct an on-site inspection of your business. The need for subsequent reinspections will be determined by the Fire Marshal or his agent. When applicable, fire inspections will need to be completed before the license will be issued. The Pleasant Grove Fire Department adopts the most recent version of the International Fire Code, as it becomes available. The IFC's intent [101.3] is to provide a reasonable level of life safety and property protection.

All licenses are issued for the calendar year and are renewable on or before December 31. Responsibility of renewal is that of the licensee. Failure to receive notice does not excuse this responsibility. Wherever any license fee is not paid on or before the due date herein specified, a penalty of twice the applicable license fee, plus interest at the rate of one and one-half percent per month, computed on the fee and penalty, shall be imposed. Such penalty shall become part of the fee imposed by this chapter. (Title 3-1-5, Pleasant Grove Municipal Code)

Please Note:

  • All businesses operating in Utah are required by law to register with the Department of Commerce either as a "DBA" (Doing Business As), corporation, limited liability company or limited partnership. (This can be done at the Utah State Tax Commission, 150 E Center, Rm. 1300, Provo, Utah. Phone: 801-374-7070 [or at the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code/Utah Department of Commerce, 160 E 300 S, 1st Floor, Box 146705, Salt Lake City, UT 84145-6705, Phone: 801-530-4849 / 1-877-526-3994 / FAX 801-530-6111.] There is a $22.00 fee for the name registration.)
    Web site:
  • Corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships must have a federal EIN (Employer Identification Number). To obtain an EIN, you must complete Form SS-4 with the IRS. After completing this form, you can get the EIN by mail, FAX, or by phone. Phone: 1-800-829-1040 (Individuals) or 1-800-829-4933 (Businesses).
    Web site:
  • Corporations and limited liability companies must file Articles of Incorporation with the Utah State Department of Commerce, Heber M. Wells Building, 160 E 300 S, Salt Lake City. Phone: 801-530-4849, Ext. 1
  • All businesses needing sales and use tax numbers (including persons using their own given names) must acquire that from the State Tax Commission. This can be done at the Tax Commission address above, or in Salt Lake (1-800-662-4335 / 210 N 1950 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84134. All retailers must have a Utah Sales Tax License and related account number. Examples are: retailers selling tangible goods or services, wholesalers purchasing resale inventory, manufacturers, leasing companies, and consumers such as professional firms and construction contractors.
    Web site:
  • State Licensing: under certain circumstances, a special state license may be required for your business. Only certain professionals need a state license, i.e.; CPAs, doctors, contractors, cosmetologists, etc. Division Occupational Professional Licensing, 160 E 300 S, Salt Lake City. Phone: 801-530-6628 / 1-866-275-3675. Web site:
  • All applicable numbers and documentation certifying the appropriate registration as per above must be obtained and submitted before your business license application can be processed.

All businesses in Utah, using a business name, are required by law to register with the Utah Department of Commerce. Registration of assumed business names, often called "DBA's" (Doing Business As) are required of all businesses that are not corporations, limited liability companies or limited partnerships. Registration protects the business owner so the owners' business name cannot be legally used by another business. It is also required by law to provide notice to the public of who owns or stands behind a business entity. Regardless of how many years of business operation you may have, whenever anything other than a given name is used as your business name, State registration is required. This can be done either as a sole/individual proprietorship (DBA), LLC, Corporation, etc. Contact the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code/Utah Department of Commerce, 1-877-526-3994, or the Utah State Tax Commission in Provo at 801-374-7070.

Registration is required so that a comprehensive state registry of all business and corporate information is available for public reference. This information is vital to an orderly legal system and marketplace. Without it, the public or other businesses may have no way of knowing the persons with whom they are doing business.

By law, all businesses are required to license with the local municipality in which they are doing business. General standards exist for licensure, but each city and county also has unique requirements and procedures. Local licensure ensures that businesses are safe to the public and given the protections under the law to which a licensed business is entitled. A business may be visited or inspected and required to fulfill local zoning, building and parking requirements before receiving a license. This ensures employee and public health, safety and welfare.

The purpose of this chapter: Residents of the City have an inalienable interest in their personal safety, well-being, and privacy in their residences, as well as their ability to provide or receive information regarding matters of personal belief, political or charitable activities, and goods and services lawfully in commerce. The City has a substantial interest in protecting the well-being, tranquility, personal safety, and privacy of its citizens, which includes the ability to protect citizens from unwanted intrusions upon residential property. The City also has a substantial interest in protecting citizens from fraud or otherwise unfair consumer sales practices as well as criminal activity. (Title 3-15-1). When licensing Residential Solicitation and employees of Door-to-Door Services for business licensing, there are certain requirements that need to be followed.

To be able to obtain a license the procedures are:

  1. An original or copy of the applicant's criminal background check, dated no older than 180 days prior to the date of application, of either; a) a Utah Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Identification verified criminal history report personal to the applicant or equivalent report prepared by the corresponding public safety agency of the applicant’s home state if the applicant is not a Utah resident; or b) verification by the Utah Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Identification that no criminal history rising to the level of a disqualifying status exists for the applicant. [Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification/3888 W 5400 S/Taylorsville, UT / 801-965-4445]
  2. A signed copy of a waiver whereby applicant agrees to allow the City to obtain a name/date of birth BCI background check on applicant.
  3. Special Event Sales Tax Number (to obtain this number please contact 1-800-662-4335, ext. 6303 / (801-297-6303).
  4. Proof of Registration with the Utah State Department of Commerce or Federal EIN (Employment Identification) number.
  5. Proof of identification (one of the following):
    • A valid driver’s license or identification card issued by any state.
    • A valid passport issued by the United States.
    • A valid identification issued by a branch of the United States military.
  6. (These will also be used for notarization of Solicitor Application; Utah Driving Privilege Cards will not be accepted as valid ID. Driving Privilege Cards state on them that they are not to be used as ID.) Marketing Information: The goods or service offered including any commonly known registered or trademarked names. A copy of any other licenses, permits, registrations, or other qualifications required by federal or state law to promote, provide, or render advice regarding the offered goods or services.
  7. Proof of business license from the city that the company is licensed in. Copy must be submitted.

FEE: $25.00 per Solicitor

All persons engaged in the practice of an alarm business, alarm company or alarm agent in the city are required to obtain valid licensing. No alarm business or alarm agent shall install any alarm system in the city unless the owner or lessee of the premises on which the alarm system is to be installed has a valid alarm permit issued by the city. Every alarm user shall obtain from the police department an alarm user's permit for each system prior to any installation of an alarm system. [3-18-1] Contact the Police Department 801-785-3506.

Review a list of current licensed businesses in Pleasant Grove. See the Listing.

Your cooperation and attention to these matters are appreciated. Your business is an important and welcome part of our community. If you have any further questions, or if we can be of further help please contact our Business Licensing Department at (801)785-6057.