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Be Water Wise

Water is Our Most Precious Natural Resource

In our beautiful Pleasant Grove City, use of our water resources makes our city a beautiful, and inviting place to live, work, and play. The over use of this resource will cause us and our posterity serious problems in the short and long term future. We must protect and conserve water whenever and wherever possible.

Becoming Waterwise

Water Wise?

Being “water wise” means conserving water as an individual, family, and community. By doing our part, we can make a big difference for our current and future community.

Why Should I Care?

Our water resource is a precious and limited commodity needed for now and our future. Small changes in our homes will make a big impact for us all!

How Can I Help?

By reading though the water saving information on this site, as an individual or as a family, and implementing a few water saving techniques, we can each make a difference in our water usage.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Utah is the 2nd driest state in the U.S. and we use more water per capata than any other state in the nation (~240 gallons per person per day)?


Caring About our Water Resources

As you have heard in the news and can see by looking at our mountains, we are facing a very serious water shortfall again this year. This is due to many factors, which we cannot control. But we can control how much water we use. This is where we can all work together to improve our situation and protect our water resources. To help with this, we have provided several resources right here. Please visit this page often to see updates on our water totals and for updated information and resources.

Current Mountain Water Levels

Check out our current mountain water levels.

Visit Snotel Site

Conserve Water Indoors

See how to conserve water indoors in our indoor conservation section.

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Conserve Water Outdoors

Learn ways to save water on your lawns, yards, and landscapes.

Learn more

Check out more ways to conserve water indoors and out at

Central Utah Gardens

Check out water wise landscaping techniques at

Improve Your Lawn

Lawns take a lot of water. See how to improve your lawn with simple low cost solutions.

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Improve Your Yard Landscape

Learn ways to improve your yard landscape for conservation in our smart yard section.

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State of Utah Water Conservation

See what the State of Utah is promoting in water conservation at