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Baldr Challenge!

Hej mine venner! My name is Baldr, son of Odin, warrior of Asgard. Not a dwarf, gnome, or member of a hair band, though my appearance may lead one to that conclusion. I am known far and wide as a bringer of good and light, beloved by all. I have come to this township of Pleasant Grove, City of Trees, on Midgard to find all that is good. As a Norse warrior, I have traveled and seen the Nine Realms in glory and victory, and I found the beauty of art and creation in each realm. During my stay in this City of Trees, I bring challenges to inspire the inhabitant of this land to create and through creation, inspire.

Baldr LogoBaldr


Challenge Number 2: I have been here a month this Thor’s Day, and this town is aptly named “City of Trees”. In my travels, I found this piece of art that is so different from anything in Asgard. This “Great Wave” comes from the island Japan here on Midgard and is made by creating stamps to apply pigment to paper. I like this art and hereby challenge you to make another! Use whatever you will or have on hand to create a work of art by stamping ink or paint on paper. Creativity will be rewarded!


Art must be made in April 2021. Medium needs to be stamped in some manner as form of printing (with paint, ink, etc.) on paper. Stamps can be made from a variety of medium including wood, sandstone, metal, rubber, vegetables, etc. Physical submissions are required- artwork needs to be unframed and include Artist name, Contact information, and Title of piece. Submissions are due by April 21 at 6:00 at the Pleasant Grove Library.


Previous Challenges

Challenge Number One: Yggdrasill, the Tree of Life, connects the Nine Realm, holding them together. I travel through Yggdrasill to the Realms, including my travel to Midgard. In honor of Yggdrasil, you are challenged to capture the beauty of these mortal trees in light pictures- (or photographs, if you lack magic). This creation will be rewarded by those I deem worthy. #RaiseYourAxes

The purpose of this challenge is to see trees as art. Your photograph(s) must be taken in March 2021 and submitted by 10:00 pm on 22 March 2021. Art pieces can be submitted virtually via email ( as JPEG, RAW, or other photo file formats; or in person at the Pleasant Grove City Library. Submissions need to include the following information: Name, Contact information, and Title of Piece. One submission per person. Virtual submissions will be printed as 8x10 by the Arts Commission. Entry is free. Submissions will be used for publicity on the Arts Commission social media; Art will be hung in the PG Library on April 1.

Baldr TreeBaldr Tree