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Propose Joint Venture

6-24-14 - Alpine School District and Pleasant Grove City Propose Joint Venture

Download the park map here in PDF format

Alpine School District and Pleasant Grove City are putting the framework together for a joint venture to enhance Battle Creek Park. Alpine School District would purchase Battle Creek Park from Pleasant Grove City to put in 8 new tennis courts and help accommodate the construction of the new field house at Pleasant Grove High School.

As part of the joint venture, Pleasant Grove City will still allow reservations of the Battle Creek Park pavilion for private use. The playground equipment will be relocated next to the pavilion. The pavilion and restrooms will remain in their current location. One monument will be relocated to accommodate construction, but the other monuments will still be in place at the park. The new tennis courts will be open for public use unless scheduled for Pleasant Grove High School events.

"We appreciate the opportunity to provide quality facilities to Pleasant Grove High School and Pleasant Grove City residents. The new tennis courts and field house will be great additions to that area." Rob Smith- Alpine School District

The proceeds from the sale of Battle Creek to Pleasant Grove City will be used for improvements of the softball complex at Shannon Fields. This could include the potential for building a new ball field at the complex.

"We feel that this joint venture will not only make Battle Creek Park better, but will also allow us to offer more recreational services with the new improvements at Shannon Fields. We are grateful to have an excellent working relationship with Alpine School District." Mayor- Mike Daniels

Pleasant Grove City will hold a public hearing regarding the selling of property to Alpine School District. The hearing will be held in the City Council Chambers at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 8th. The City Council Chambers are located at 86 East 100 South in Pleasant Grove. There will be a presentation to discuss more of the details regarding the joint venture at that meeting.

2015 Yearly City Schedule

Click Here to Download the 2015 Yearly City Schedule

How to Find Your Precinct

Follow this link to find your precinct and polling place.

All signs within the City must be approved


Please come to Community Development at 86 East 100 South to obtain a free sign permit. If you do not obtain this sign permit, the signs will be taken down. You may also be fined $47 per sign. Please call 801-785-6057

Protect Your Family's Addresses

The Utah Child Protection Registry is a free program provided by the State of Utah that helps you stop adult-oriented solicitations from being targeted at you and your family. The program allows you to protect:
  • E-Mail Addresses
  • Mobile Phone Numbers
  • Instant Messenger IDs
  • Fax Numbers

Companies and marketers that send adult-oriented messages, such as those promoting pornography, alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, and gambling are required to screen their mailing lists with the State of Utah and remove registered addresses and numbers before they send their solicitations. Marketers that fail to remove registered addresses face felony charges as well as substantial civil and criminal fines.

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Pavilion Rental

Pleasant Grove Park Information

Curfew at all park locations is at dusk. For baseball diamonds and tennis courts it is 10:30 pm.

Rental of pavilions are available from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. and/or 3 p.m. – 9 p.m.


Amount Due –


Refundable deposit of $20.00 plus fee(s) below.

Resident $35/ per time above $70/day

Non-resident $50/ per time above $85/day

Pavilions are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Individuals can reserve online now or at the Pleasant Grove Community Center, 547 South Locust Ave. Pavilions are reserved May 1 – September 30. For questions please call City Hall at 801-785-5045 for rental.

Please note that reservations are for the pavilions only, not the entire park. Fees are due at the time the reservation is scheduled.

For concerns or questions on parks, call (801)785-7275. For reservations of camping or picnic facilities in the canyons, call the Forest Service at (801)785-3563. Please report any vandalism to the Police at (801)785-3506.


Reserve A Pavilion Online

Utility Rate Increase Information

  • Dear Pleasant Grove Resident,

    In an effort to continue providing quality service to Pleasant Grove residents, the City has recently done some rate analysis for the types of infrastructure that the City provides. This analysis showed that we would need to have some rate increases in order to keep up with improvements on our various systems. The City will hold a public hearing on these proposed rates on Tuesday, June 10th in the City Council Chambers (86 East 100 South) at 6:00 p.m. Below is a table showing the proposed increases and some explanations of why these increases are needed:




Culinary Water- The City has numerous water lines that are extremely old and continue to break. It is cheaper for the City to replace these lines than to constantly repair water main breaks. We also know we have some main lines that need to be replaced before we re-pave the road on top of the water line infrastructure. We are putting a plan together to make sure we don’t have to tear up a new road in order to replace a water line. The proposed increase would make some of these main line replacements possible.

Secondary Water- The City is looking at expanding storage of secondary water to enhance the service that is being provided. Expanding the storage would include the addition of a water tank on the system. In order to minimize the bonding necessary for this improvement, the City would like to pursue a pay-as-you-go option. This might not eliminate the need to bond and pay interest, but it could help reduce some of those costs over time.

Drought Relief Surcharge- In order to have enough water to provide secondary water service through the summer, Pleasant Grove City needed to rent water to meet those demands. Some of our storage water has been restricted due to the drought in Utah County. Because of these restrictions the City needs to pursue the renting of more water. The intent of the Drought Relief Surcharge is to have a one year surcharge to meet the water demands. If the drought continues then we’ll likely need to charge this again next year. If the drought is broken then the surcharge will be dropped next year.

Storm Drain- Pleasant Grove City has invested money in the pursuit of securing land for the future storm drain basins. There are still properties the City needs to buy before development takes these options away. The additional rates will help the City secure these properties and make sure that we continue to meet our debt service ratios needed to keep our high bond rating.

Sewer Rate- The sewer infrastructure owned by Pleasant Grove is doing very well. However, the treatment cost will see an increase. Pleasant Grove City belongs to the Timpanogos Special Service District (TSSD) who provides the treatment service. They have increased their fees to the City for this service. Those fees are being passed along to the residents of Pleasant Grove. If you would like to challenge those fees you can attend a TSSD Board Meeting the third Thursday of every month at 6:00 p.m. The address to their meeting is 6400 North 5050 West which is an extension of Pleasant Grove Blvd., west of I-15 heading towards Utah Lake.

Garbage- Garbage rates haven’t been increased since 2008. Since that time the cost of providing the service has increased through our contract with Republic Services and the tipping fees paid at the North Pointe transfer station. In the past the City has absorbed these increases and has reached a point where we can no longer do so.

Pleasant Grove City

Vineyard Connector Pipeline

Downloadable PDF

For Additional Information Contact:
Mike Stansfield 801-360-7400
Public Information Vineyard Connector Pipeline
CWP-North Shore Aqueduct/CUWCD 

Vineyard Connector Pipeline Update
CWP – North Shore Aqueduct
Construction Update January 14, 2014

Pipeline Construction Nears Completion

After eight years of planning and construction, the pipeline portion of the Central Utah Water Conservancy District Water Development Project (CWP) is nearing completion.  Construction crews are finishing up a small section along 6500 West in American Fork and will then move to the last section of pipe west of 850 East in Lehi. It is anticipated that the last pipe will be placed in mid-February.  Testing, restoration and clean-up will continue into spring.
The North Shore Terminal Reservoir – Phase 1, the water storage component of the project, is under construction in the Northwest corner of Saratoga Springs City and is approximately 75% completed.

Water deliveries are scheduled to begin in the summer of 2014.

The North Shore Aqueduct of the Central Utah Water Conservancy District Water Development Project (CWP) will provide approximately 53,000 acre-feet of drinking water to communities located in northern Utah and southern Salt Lake counties including but not limited to Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain, Lehi, as well as the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District.
The water sources are Provo River water that has been treated at the Utah Valley Water Treatment Plant (UVWTP) located at the mouth of Provo Canyon and groundwater wells in the Vineyard area. General work hours are between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Work hours could be extended if circumstances warrant.

Construction schedules are subject to change depending upon circumstances.

Updates on the pipeline’s progress and how construction will affect the public are being provided through a public information outreach program.  Additional information is available on our Help and Information line at 801-360-6528 or online at You can sign-up for email updates at .

To become friends on Facebook please go the homepage at and click on the Facebook application.

About the Project

The Vineyard Connector Segment is the final segment of the North Shore Aqueduct of the Central Utah Water Conservancy District Water Development Project (CWP).  It connects previously installed pipelines to complete a large culinary water transmission system from water sources to communities and agencies in northern Utah and southern Salt Lake Counties.

It will consist of the installation of approximately 32,700 feet of 60-inch welded steel pipe and 1,120 feet of 48-inch welded steel pipe within easements and rights-of-way obtained by the Central Utah Water Conservancy District and will extend from approximately 600 East and Pioneer Crossing in Lehi to 1600 North and 150 West in Vineyard.

It also consists of replacing approximately 5,200 feet of 24-inch sewer line with a 48-inch sewer line for the Timpanogos Special Sewer District along with drains and manholes.

The Pioneer Crossing and the North and West Segments of the North Shore Aqueduct are already in place.  This is the final segment to complete before water deliveries begin in 2014.

Transportation Impact Fees & Info

Pleasant Grove General Plan

The Pleasant Grove General Plan is the vision of both short and long-range goals to guide the growth and development of the City. The Plan focuses on improving the physical environment of the City as well as the quality of life of the citizens. The General Plan has been updated and is available for public download. Along with various maps and documents available to the public. More Information.

Download the most recent copy of the General Plan
Download the RUDAT Report

School Safety

"In an effort to provide for the safety and security of our children and teachers, and to do what we can to reassure parents; the Pleasant Grove Police Department will institute a 'School Walk Through Program.'  On a daily basis, at random times, officers will spend time in every public and private school in Pleasant Grove."  -A message from our Police Chief, Mike Smith

Thank you to our officers for providing this service!

UDOT Region 3 Utah County Construction Projects

S.R. 92; Improvements


Phone: 801-753-8309

Construction crews have opened the eastbound and westbound commuter lanes to the public with the exception of the first westbound entrance ramp at Highland Boulevard. Construction crews are currently working on final tasks for the project, including some rework at the first westbound entrance ramp. This entrance point is anticipated to be open in early winter. Any work remaining on the commuter lanes will be completed at night with periodic closures only as needed. This project will complete final tasks associated with the S.R. 92 improvements and assure the quality of the road. 


Other Projects Near S.R. 92

Lehi City Development


Phone: 801-768-7102, Ex. 4

Lehi City continues its residential and business development off of S.R. 92. Please watch for electronic boards or signs messaging city construction activities.


U.S. 89/1100 East Intersection Improvement in American Fork, Utah County


Phone: 1-855-782-8289

Paving is complete at the U.S. 89 (State Street)/1100 East (North County Boulevard) intersection. Crews will stripe the road on Saturday, Nov. 16, which will minimally impact traffic. This project will ensure a smooth ride for drivers and prolong the life of the roadway.



U.S. 89/State Street Improvements; Orem to Pleasant Grove


Phone: 1-855-782-8289

Construction is substantially complete on State Street between 100 East in Pleasant Grove and 1860 North in Orem. Landscape and clean-up work will continue for the next few weeks during daytime hours.

This project is widening and repaving State Street (U.S. Highway 89) between Orem and Pleasant Grove, with completion scheduled for November. The project will improve traffic flow and provide a smoother ride for drivers.


Orem 800 North Trail; 1000 East to Palisade Drive


Phone: 801-229-7320

This work is taking place along 800 North in Orem between 1000 East and 1600 East. Weekdays, westbound traffic along 800 North at approximately 1600 East will be reduced to one lane from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Questar crews will be performing utility work along the north side of 800 North over the next two to three weeks. Construction crews will begin placing road base for a section of the trail between 1100 East and 1300 East. The Murdock Canal Trail will be temporarily closed in the work zone but a detour is available on 1200 North. Benefits of this project include a wider and longer sidewalk along 800 North and will complete the interconnections between the Murdock Canal Trail, the Orem 800 North Trail and the Provo Canyon Trail.


I-15; South Payson Interchange to Spanish Fork River


Phone: 801-896-4415

Crews have reached substantial completion for the widening project on I-15 from the South Payson interchange to the Spanish Fork River. Barrels have been removed from the road and all north and southbound lanes are open for use.

Crews continue to work on the bridges at Utah Avenue, 400 North and Payson Main. Traffic will be reduced to one-way lane configuration, as needed, until project completion. Traffic will be controlled with temporary traffic lights and flaggers. This project will improve traffic flow and help accommodate for future growth throughout region.

Water Availability- 2014 Drought

This PowerPoint presentation gives some background information to the 2014 water conditions and the drought.

Lions Building Calendar

To make a reservation please call city hall at 801-785-5045

City Council Rules of Order & Policies

Download the Pleasant Grove City Council Rules of Order & Policy Document. Click Here.

Road Improvement Plan

Click here to download the Road Improvement Plan FAQ.


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