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Registration Information

Registration Fees

Resident-Fees: $45

Non-Resident-Fees: $65

Registration Dates

Opens: December 1, 2023

Deadline: February 9, 2024

School Grade Requirements

Kindergarten - 1st Grade

About K-1st Grade Jr. Jazz Basketball

This is a 7 game instructional league and is designed to help boys & girls learn basic skills and rules of the game. Game will be officiated by the coaches. Game days will start with 15 minutes of practice time and then end with game. Games will be played at Pleasant Grove Recreation Center on Saturday mornings and weeknight games that will vary each week. League fees include a Jr Jazz t-shirt, and Jr Jazz basketball.

Team Compilation Policy

Participants are allowed to request ONE friend to play with on the same team (Head to head requests). Head to heads MUST request each other and sign up BEFORE the league deadline for the best possible chance to be placed on the same team. Head to head requests are not guaranteed, but we do make our best effort to fulfill them. If the person you requested did not request your child, the likelihood of them being placed on the same team is lower. If you want to request more than one friend, please sign up as a TEAM. You do not have to fill the full roster, but you will have the responsibility of providing a coach and filling out the Team Registration Form.

Season Information

Season : Late February through March

Practice Time

First 15 minutes of scheduled game time

Game Location

PG Recreation Center

Game Day

Saturday Mornings in March and weeknight games that will vary each week