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Secondary Water Shut Off

Secondary Water Winter Shutdown

With winter approaching, it is time to start thinking about winterizing your secondary water system. Many experts indicate that Landscaping is not needing to be watered after October 1stdue to the much lower temperatures and vegetation going dormant. We would hope that everyone would consider turning off their water around October 1st, but the secondary water system will be officially turned off October 15th. Please consider turning off your system early if possible or at a minimum greatly reducing the amount of water that is put on your lawn by turning down the time on your irrigation timer. As we are nearing the end of the irrigation season, the following is the general information on how to winterize your secondary system:

  • Make sure your system is drained to prevent freezing pipes.
  • Leave your valve open until Thanksgiving to ensure there is no water going into your system from the main lines in the street. If a valve is shut off before this time, it may potentially leave water in your pipes.
  • Drain fully to prevent freezing but leave your filter on so issues with having an open system do not occur between winter and spring.
  • If you have any questions please contact Public Works at 801-785-2941.

Uses of Secondary Water

The City will start filling the secondary water system around April 11th. This process generally takes a few weeks to get all of the air out of the system and begin properly providing water. Everyone is being asked to wait until May 1st to start watering. The following is the recommended watering procedure:

  • Please check your valve to make sure that is has been turned off from the winter months.
  • Open your valve slowly to check for leaks and broken pipes.
  • If you have a broken pipe it was most likely frozen throughout the winter months.

How to Clean Your Water Filter

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Frequently Asked Questions

Call the Public Works Department. All areas are scheduled to be completed by 2008. A schedule map is available at the Public Works shop. (323 West 700 South).

Go to City Hall and pay the hook-up fee of $100. Have a professional hook up your line to the secondary water service, or do it yourself. To help keep our drinking water clean and safe, call the Water Department at 785-2941 to have your hook-up inspected. Don't bury the line until we have inspected it.

Secondary water is dirty water with debris that clogs filters and sprinkler heads. This filter needs to be cleaned regularly. The filter is usually in the box near your secondary water connection.

We began filling the system on April 15th and it takes two weeks for full pressure. Please do not try to turn the system on before May 1st as it disrupts the filling process.

There are several reasons for not turning the system on earlier. Usually this time of year, it's still cold and when the system is filled too soon there are major maintenance issues including lines breaking due to the cold and possible flooding can occur. Also, the earlier the system is filled, the faster the water will run out during the summer.

Secondary water is piped to our homes from the Provo River and used for outdoor use only for watering lawns, gardens, trees, etc. The water is not attached to the house, that is culinary water.

Secondary water is also known as gray water or irrigation water. It is NOT treated and therefore NOT safe to drink.

Most Pleasant Grove residents have secondary water. However, developments west and south of State Street do not have secondary water because the initial cost of going underneath State Street was very high and at the time there was underdeveloped land that the city was not sure how would be built out, causing planning issues for a possible secondary system.

About 2007.

Recommended procedure:

  • Check your valve (NOT UNTIL MAY 1ST) to make sure that it has been turned off from the winter months.
  • Open your valve slowly to check for leaks and broken pipes. If you have a broken pipe, it is most likely from being frozen during the winter.
  • The broken line could be from a low spot in the pipe where the water couldn't drain properly and froze.
  • The city recommends/suggests that you put a drain in where the pipe was broken when you fix your pipe.

In order for the system to operate more efficiently, everyone is asked to help balance the system by following a watering schedule.

  • This requires watering during the day as well at night.
  • It is recognized that watering during the day is less efficient, but it is necessary to better balance water use.
  • ODD number homes water Mon., Wed., Fri.  EVEN number homes water on Tues, Thurs. Sunday.
  • No residential watering on Saturday.

Call Public Works at 801-785-2941.

Water Usage Summer 2015

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