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We had such fun with the Virtual Valentine that we are going to do it again. This time we are honoring those that raised us and posting the videos in May for Mother’s Day. Filming will be during Spring Break, April 6-10, 13, and 14. We are asking for people to come with the best advice they’ve been given and to read a picture book they love.

Dearly loved books, read by those who love them most, will create an heirloom, not just for the city but for your family as well. We invite everyone, all ages and languages, to come and be part of this special community project.

Videos will premiere on the Pleasant Grove City YouTube channel May 5-12 for Mother's Day. 


How: Starting March 15, register for a filming time slot on the library website,

Who: All PG residents, all ages and languages.

Where: Filming will happen at the PG library in the programming room.  You will be given a 30 minute time block to practice, get feedback, and be filmed reading your story.

Contact the library with any questions.

Register Here