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Memorial Garden History

The Pleasant Grove Memorial Garden was created to honor and memorialize the strength, dedications, and commitment of Pleasant Grove’s early settlers, as well as those who have served in the armed forces and public safety departments.

The Memorial Garden Committee was created in 2003 to create a plan for a Memorial Garden including a memorial wall, beautiful landscape, parking, and water features. The committee was also tasked with creating criteria for veteran’s names to be placed on the wall.

Pleasant Grove City donated a one-acre parcel of ground in the northeast corner of the cemetery. This was to be the future location of the Memorial Garden and a starting point for the committee. Other generous donations from residents and businesses helped fund a majority of the construction costs. Volunteers mostly organized through Eagle Scout Projects helped install the landscape.

The committee meet monthly reviewing site plans until they were approved for construction to begin. They also provided fundraising, determined how veteran’s names would be acquired and placed on the wall. Many volunteer hours from the committee were spent reviewing multiple sources of information on the veterans who served from Pleasant Grove. The committee also commissioned the current statue titled “Sustaining Life and Freedom”.

Construction began in 2004 and continued for a year. On November 11, 2005 the Memorial Garden was dedicated and the Veteran’s Wall unveiled honoring all those who have served. Three additional specific locations have been set aside for the future monuments to be erected honoring the early settlers and public safety departments.

Names are added every year on Memorial Day with a deadline of April 1st for names to be submitted to be placed on the wall. There are currently over 2,100 veteran names honored.

Military veterans will be listed with their branch of service engraved on granite panels. Please Note: All veterans that have or are serving can be listed if they meet the following criteria:

If any person honorably served for any period of time in any Branch or Reserve U. S. Military Uniformed Services such as Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, State and National Guard.

Additionally, the person must:

  • Currently reside in Pleasant Grove, or
  • Currently live elsewhere, but at one time lived in Pleasant Grove, or
  • Is now deceased, but at one time lived in Pleasant Grove and is buried Pleasant Grove, or
  • Is now deceased, but at one time lived in Pleasant Grove and is buried elsewhere.

Pleasant Grove Memorial Garden
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