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New Fire Chief Dave Thomas


I am very excited for this opportunity to serve in the position of Pleasant Grove City Fire Chief. For the past several years I have enjoyed the privilege of working in Pleasant Grove and especially working with Fire Chief Marc Sanderson. He was an exceptional leader here and has left the legacy of a professional fire - paramedic service that employs the best the service has to offer.

I began my career over 30 years ago, and enjoyed working my way up through the ranks. I feel my experience and background will help me lead this fire department into the future.

I recognize that Pleasant Grove City is at the threshold of significant expansion. This expansion will increase commercial values and b ring more people into our city. Emerging developments will compel us to stretch our services so that the service expectations can be met on all sides. Pleasant Grove enjoys a wonderful small town feel, but it is also challenged with big city needs. Balancing those needs will be a primary goal of the fire department as we must be able to provide the expanded services necessary without significant increases in the fire department’s operating budgets. I am completely confident that working together with the Ma yor, council and city staff, the fire department is fully capable of meeting these needs during this transition and ensuring that the fire department, equipment, and personnel, are fully prepared for the changes within our city.


It is a privilege to serve this City as its Fire Chief. - Dave Thomas